Highly cited papers

updated date: Apr. 2nd, 2019   # of citation

Controlled growth of well-aligned ZnO nanorod array using a novel solution method

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Fabrication of ZnO/CdS core/shell nanowire arrays for efficient solar energy conversion

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Novel nanowire array based highly efficient quantum dot sensitized solar cell

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Controlled growth and characterization of tungsten oxide nanowires using thermal evaporation of WO3 powder

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Mechanism study of ZnO nanorod-bundle sensors for H2O gas sensing

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Enhancing stability of perovskite solar cells to moisture by the facile hydrophobic passivation

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Resistive switching characteristics of ZnO thin film grown on stainless steel for flexible nonvolatile memory devices

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Solution-based synthesis of a CdS nanoparticle/ZnO nanowire heterostructure array

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Fabrication of CuO-ZnO nanowires on a stainless steel mesh for highly efficient photocatalytic applications

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Type-II CdS nanoparticle–ZnO nanowireheterostructure arrays fabricated by a solution process: enhanced photocatalytic activity

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Superhydrophobic ZnO nanowire surface: chemical modification and effects of UV irradiation

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CuO/ZnO heterostructured nanorods: photochemical synthesis and the mechanism of H2S gas sensing

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Highly efficient photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation using hierarchical ZnO/WOxnanowires cosensitized with CdSe/CdS

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Highly efficient and durable quantum dot sensitized ZnO nanowire solar cell using noble-metal-free counter electrode

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Highly efficient visible light photocatalysis of novel CuS/ZnO heterostructure nanowire arrays

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Coexistence of unipolar and bipolar resistive switching characteristics in ZnO thin films

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Highly efficient and stable cadmium chalcogenide quantum dot/ZnO nanowires for photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation

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Adsorprtion and reaction of ethanol on ZnO nanowires

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A novel heterostructure of Co3O4/ZnO nanowire array fabricated by photochemical coating method

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